Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Formative and Summative Assessment

Formative assessment

Formative assessment involves both you and your teacher in a conversation about your progress and takes place before summative assessment. The main purpose of formative assessment is to provide feedback to enable you to make improvements or attain a higher grade. This feedback is timed appropriately to enable you to achieve your best. Time is given following the feedback for actions to be complete before summative assessment. You are provided with formative feedback during the process of producing evidence and are encouraged to act to improve your performance.

Your teacher’s feedback on formative assessment must be constructive and provide clear guidance and actions for improvement. It is important that you understand that informal verbal feedback is an ongoing process for BTEC programmes and is an important part of the teacher/learner relationship. However, one formal opportunity to provide final formative assessment feedback is given for each assessment at a point when you will have had the opportunity to provide evidence towards all the assessment criteria targeted.

Formative feedback should indicate how you are performing up to that point and give a clear indication of how you can improve. Between the formative feedback and the final submission of evidence for summative assessment, you should work independently. Usually, further formal opportunities for formative feedback should not be necessary. However, if it is clear at the formative assessment stage that you have misinterpreted or have been misdirected by the assignment brief, there may be the need for another formative assessment once issues have been addressed.

Summative assessment
Summative assessment is a final assessment decision on an assignment outcome in relation to the assessment criteria of each unit. It is the definitive (final) assessment and recording of your achievement. Your teacher must identify where the evidence supports their grading decisions against the unit assessment criteria.

Learners are not offered opportunities to revisit assignments at this stage of the assessment process, unless a resubmission is approved by the school’s Lead Internal Verifier. Therefore, at the summative assessment stage it is not appropriate for your teacher to give guidance to you on improving your work to achieve higher grades.