Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Different Uses For Animation

For each of the areas listed below, give three examples of animation.
  1. Film
  2. TV Programme
  3. Ident
  4. Advertising
  5. Music Videos
  6. Computer Games
  7. Mobile Phone
  8. Websites
For each example, include:

  • the name/title
  • an image
  • the animation technique used 
  • an interesting fact

Film: Monsters Inc. Pixar are a good example of a company that uses animation in film. They have created the films Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Wall E, to name a few. These were all created using computer generated imaging, also known as CGI. Pixar have developed their own software for this process, called RenderMan.

The use of animation in films such as these is to allow for creative storylines in imaginary worlds, or to create realistic characters that could not be portrayed any other way. This appeals mostly to children, but adults also appreciate the  technical skill and storylines of these animated films.

Fact: When Monsters Inc was released in 2001, it made $100 million in nine days, faster than any other animated film in history.

Influential Animators

You are to create a presentation that outlines all influential animators and techniques.  You can present this information in whatever form you choose, a speech, essay, PowerPoint presentation, podcast, poster etc.

You must incorporate the following into your presentation and explain with examples why they are/were important and influential.

  • Walt Disney
  • Hanna Barbara
  • Warner Bros
  • Norman McLaren
  • Len Lye
  • Aardman

You must use examples of their work to highlight what they achieved and back up your answer.

Grading Criteria

For Merit
For Distinction
Describe techniques employed in animation with some detail and with reference to appropriate illustrative examples
Evaluate techniques employed in animation with reference to precise and detailed illustrative examples